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Toubabou Mussow

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5/31/06 02:48 pm - new blog


5/31/06 01:29 am

esta el tiempo de llegar.

i'm starting a new blog. i'll make sure to post the link on this one. my first entry will be posted from guatemala.

ciao, and lots of love. xxoxox

5/6/06 10:57 pm - random thoughts and words.

tango, broadcast, bread, dimanche, answers, faces, gift chocolates, schoolhouse, love, dancing, dim sum, morrissey, grass.

5/6/06 10:11 pm

it's scary...all i can think about or care about lately are julie doucet comics.

4/26/06 02:21 pm

RIP Jane Jacobs

4/11/06 10:22 pm

i am seriously panicking about every single decision i have made in life.

3/27/06 01:12 pm

i want to move
i want to move
i want to move

a travel bug
a travel bug
a travel bug
bit me!

dreaming of
dreaming of
dreaming of

3/8/06 10:17 pm - RIP Ali Farka Touré

He died today. A Malian of note, he was a famous musician and the mayor of the town of Niafunké (near Timbuktu). I was a big fan of his.

RIP Ali Farka Toure

1/14/06 06:40 pm

If the conservatives win the election, i am not coming back to Canada. I am getting used to Africa anyway.

1/6/06 11:50 am

hey y'all

just to let u know i am alive n kicking.

i ended up in the hospital last monday with a bad case of malaria. actually the malaria started on the wednesday of the previous week and i thought it had been cured, but it came back....fuuuuck!

anyway, on a wing and prayer i went to the hospital using my last ounce of strength. there, the good doctor hooked me up to an IV, to which i remained connected for the next 4 days! i was just released last night and as soon as i got home i had me a nice glass of beer and a tomato sandwich.

africa...it is just indescribably crazy here. sometimes i hate it but most times i tell myself i dont want to come home anymore (not for a long time anyway). in february i am going to timbuktu via cargo ship (the journey takes 2-4 days and you sleep on sacks of rice) and in march i am going to visit friends in Dakar! i am most excited by these plans.

today i am going to the tailor to have outfits made from the fabrics i have acquired. tonight i am going to the bar with some canadians from the embassy. this weekend if i have energy i would like to go see a live show somewhere.

incidentally, i have had a very brief platonic love affair with a cameroonian doctor, but nothing has come of it. i trust we shall remain friends.

love, anna
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